Description of Property

The main assets of the Operating company will include the following entities:

Farm measuring 6 704 ha

Farm house constructed of natural stone situated on a koppie

      Current farm infrastructure consisting of
-       9 boreholes of which 6 are equipped with solar and/or windmills
-       37 kilometres of 2.4 m high game fence
-       3 constructed earth dams
-       More than 100 km of farm roads

      All settled game currently fenced in on the farmland.  The current estimated numbers are as follows:
-       350 x springboks
-       27 x giraffes
-       36 x blue wildebeest
-       35 x kudus (occurs also naturally outside game fence)
-       13 x gemsbok (occurs also naturally outside game fence)
-       12 x red hartebeest
-       6 x Burchellís zebra
-       3 x ostriches

      Other common non-carnivore game species that was not counted or that moves through the game fence.

      Capital Required

To complete the development additional capital is required for:

  • Construction of Main Building, Service Building, Chalets and Infrastructure for Tourist Accommodation, Less:  Amount already spent on Construction (incl. in asset value)

  • Accommodation 

  • Accommodation Furniture, Appliances, Cutlery and Start-up Inventory

  • 2 Game Drive Vehicles

  • Purchasing of additional Game

  • Purchasing of Cattle

  • Cost to complete Game Fence

  • Provision for Cashflow shortage for Year 1


Benefits of Investors

All investors will share in the benefits, proportional to their percentage of shareholding.

For further information about possible investments and benefits please write an eMail to